G/C City Group Leaders

Vision of City Groups

The purpose of a City Group is to live as a family on mission that seeks new life in Jesus.

Role of a City Group Leader

City Group Leaders cultivate a consistent space for people to connect with God and one another outside of a Sunday Gathering.

Requirements + Expectations

    • PERSONAL // Have a committed relationship with Jesus that is evidenced by fruit.
    • CHURCH // Be a committed Member of Grace City with your time, talent, and treasure. Have participated in a City Group for at least one round before leading.
    • ONBOARD // Fill out City Group Leader application and watch all of the training videos. Have one personal recommendation.
    • TEAM // Attend all City Group Leader meetings or communicate if you cannot be there. Respond in a timely manner to City Group Coordinator. Pray for and support other City Group leaders.
    • GROUP // Continually seek ways to grow community within your group. Stay committed to the Word. Have proactive communication. If needs arise in your group, communicate them to the City Group Coordinator.

Getting Started

Below you will find a series of training videos that are required for every new City Group Leader to watch. Please watch these videos and reference the resources linked below each video. Videos can also be accessed at gracecitysd.com/citygroupleadertrainingvideos. After you have completed the videos, there will be action items on the last tab for you to complete.

Gentle and Lowly Study Guide

Click here for a reading plan and scripture passages to accompany the Gentle and Lowly book and study guide.

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