What is a summer discipleship group?

A group of 3-5 people who gather weekly or bi-weekly to check in with one another, read Scripture, and pray together.

Why are we focusing on discipleship groups this summer?

We believe getting smaller allows us to grow deeper in our gospel friendships and in our walk with Jesus. We hope that these discipleship groups create a safe space for vulnerability to be met with truth and grace as we dig into God’s Word and pray with one another. 

What is happening with City Groups?

City Groups are a core part of our church and will be resuming in the Fall!

I don’t know how to get in a group. How do I get connected?

We want these groups to be Spirit-led, so start with prayer and if someone is laid on your heart, ask them to be in a group. You can also fill out an interest form at the bottom of this page and we will help you get connected.

I’m interested in leading a group. How do I get started?

Pray about who you could ask to be in a group this summer and then initiate a conversation with them. You can also indicate that you’re available to lead a group at the bottom of this page and we will connect people to you.

What content do we go through in our groups?

You can choose one of the reading plans above, or choose to go through another part of the Bible.

When/where will these groups meet?

Each group will decide a time and place that works best for their schedules, whether that is in the morning before work, over a lunch break, during the weekend, etc.

What kind of time commitment is being in a group?

Each group will look different depending on size and frequency of meeting, but most groups will average about one hour each week.

i.e. availability, in-person vs. zoom, etc.