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City Groups are the next step after the Sunday morning gathering. It’s a way to grow in your relationship with God, one another, and the city.

The purpose of a City Group is to live as a family on mission that seeks new life in Jesus.

City Groups consist of three key foundations: Jesus. Family. Mission.

You can directly reach out to any of the leaders below or fill out the inquiry form and we will follow up with you. Contact us if you have any questions!

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Mira Mesa - Engaged/Married CouplesTuesday6:45-9:00pm0+City groups(Offsite) A and Jaenee's HouseThe Gospel-Centered LifeNoOpen
Clairemont - Young AdultsTuesday7:00-9:00pm18-30City groups(Offsite) Jona and Brian's HouseThe Gospel-Centered LifeNoOpen
University City - Young ProfessionalsTuesday7:00-9:00pm21-30City groups(Offsite) Joe's HouseThe Gospel-Centered LifeNoOpen
Women's GroupWednesday6:30-8:30pm0+City groups(Offsite) First Baptist Church of San Diego“Finding I Am” by Lysa TerKeurstNoOpen
North Park - FamiliesThursday6:00-8:00pm0+City groups(Offsite) Jacob and Kelley's HouseThe Gospel-Centered LifeYesOpen
University City - College GroupThursday6:45-9:00pm17-25City groups(Offsite) Gendarme's HouseThe Gospel-Centered LifeNoOpen
Mira Mesa - FamiliesFriday6:00-8:00pm0+City groups(Offsite) Patrick & Micca's HouseThe Gospel-Centered LifeYesOpen
University City - FamiliesFriday6:30-8:30pm0+City groups(Offsite) First Baptist Church of San DiegoThe Gospel-Centered LifeYesOpen

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