COVID-19 Response

Blessed to Bless

In this season of COVID-19, the Church has an opportunity to sacrificially love those most affected by the pandemic. God calls us to bless others out of the abundance with which we have been blessed (2 Cor. 9:11). If you find yourself in a season of abundance, we encourage you to consider how God might be calling you to grow in your grace giving in response to the needs around us both now and as a regular rhythm in your life even beyond the pandemic.

First, consider if there are any family members, friends, or neighbors in your life who are experiencing financial need in this season. What could it look like for you to come alongside them in support during this season? How could this lead to open doors for the Gospel? When you pray about these things, God will likely present an opportunity to be generous!

In addition, our church has set up a COVID-19 Response Fund that will directly support those in our city who are experiencing difficulty during this pandemic. We invite you to evaluate how the Lord has blessed you and to give what you are able, out of the abundance of your heart. All of the funds will go directly to the following areas, and any other needs that arise:

  1. Essential items for Burmese Refugees
  2. Care Requests for groceries and medication
  3. Care Requests for financial assistance with rent/utilities for those affected by layoffs and reduced working hours
  4. Supporting our local heroes in the medical and education systems

Finally, there are numerous nonprofit organizations doing incredible work in San Diego during this crisis who are in need of financial support. We have listed some organizations below for you to consider donating to directly. Thank you for your generosity!

Who It’s For: Nonprofit organizations who are serving vulnerable communities in San Diego 

What The Money Goes Toward: Emergency grants and interest-free loans that will allow these nonprofits to assist with food security, essential living expenses, emergent needs, and rent/utility payment support

Note: Please reference the website to see an extensive list of the nonprofit organizations benefiting from this fund

Who It’s For: Men, women and children experiencing homelessness throughout San Diego

What The Money Goes Toward: Shelter, food, counseling and case-management

Note: The Rescue Mission does not receive any government funding and will not be receiving any circumstantial aid in this time of crisis.

Who It’s For: Low-wage workers who need support for a limited but undetermined length of time due to layoffs and reduced working hours implemented by employers

What The Money Goes Toward: Utilities and rent/mortgage payments

Note: This is part of the greater San Diego COVID-19 Community Response Fund


Looking for a practical way to love your neighbors? Print this card and tape it to your neighbor’s door to let them know you are willing and able to serve them! Please make sure to maintain social distancing, wash your hands, sanitize products upon delivery, and leave them on the doorstep to avoid spreading the virus!

Click the card image to download a printable PDF.

Local Organizations

If you are looking for ways to serve our community as we navigate COVID-19, check out how you can partner with these local organizations that are already serving vulnerable populations! 



Meals on Wheels is in need of volunteers to deliver meals to homebound seniors.


DONATE to the San Diego Food Bank

The San Diego Food Bank is accepting monetary and virtual food drive donations. 


VOLUNTEER with the San Diego Food Bank

The San Diego Food Bank is in need of volunteers to help inspect, sort, pack and distribute food.


EXERCISE to Donate a Meal

Download the Vizer app on your phone and donate a meal through the San Diego Food Bank when you reach 10,000 steps each day! 


DONATE Blood to the San Diego Blood Bank

Blood donations have dramatically decreased, but there is still a need for blood donations. Sign up to donate or volunteer with the San Diego Blood Bank!


SUPPORT Health Care Workers

UC San Diego Health is accepting donations of personal protective equipment, supplies, cash, food, and gratitude to our UC San Diego Health workers.


CONTRIBUTE to the San Diego Community Response Fund

The San Diego Community Response Fund is accepting donations that will make emergency grants and interest-free loans available to nonprofits that are working on the frontlines to provide our region’s most vulnerable communities with assistance, such as food security, other essential living expenses, emergent needs, and rent and utility payment support.


Care Team Application

If you are interested in helping fulfill care requests that come through our website, please fill out this application.

EX: Offering any special skills you may have, donating essential items, delivering meals, etc.