Title: Hail Mary

Text: Luke 1:26-38 NIV

Disruptions in life are not always gifts of grace, but gifts of grace in life are always disruptive.

Three Points

  1. “Full of favor” means full of disruption…
  2. …So expect to be surprised…
  3. …Then rejoice and glorify the Lord.

“Human desire is infinite by its nature; it cannot be satisfied…” He continues, “Desire is infinite partly because we were made by God, made for God, made to need God, and made to run on God. We can be satisfied only by the one who is infinite, eternal, and able to supply all our needs; we are only at home in God.”

“When we fall away from God, the desire for the infinite remains, but it is displaced upon things that will certainly lead to destruction.”

“Our idolatries are less like conscious decisions to believe a falsehood and more like learned dispositions to hope in what will disappoint. Our idolatries are not intellectual; they are affective—instances of disordered love and devotion. Idolatry is caught more than it is taught. We practice our way into idolatries, absorb them from the water in which we swim. Hence our idolatries often reflect the ethos of our environments.” – James KA Smith

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