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TEXT: Haggai 1:12-15

MESSAGE: “Cost: Willing to Sacrifice”

“There is a tendency with all material possessions to obscure the needs they cannot satisfy. A full hand helps us forget an empty heart.” – Dallas Willard 

“If we were to gain God’s perspective, even for a moment, and were to look at the way we go through life accumulating and hoarding and displaying our things, we would have the same feelings of horror and pity that any sane person has when he views people in an asylum endlessly beating their heads against the wall.” – Randy Alcorn


The currency of the Economy of God is grace… by sacrifice… at a cost



-Eschatological (Already, not yet)



  • Presence v13…Mark 10:17-26… Mark 10:27-29
  • Renewal v14
  • Sacrifice v14 Mtt 13:44-46


Why do we not sacrifice?


Takeaways… A few questions…

  • How compelling is Jesus? Matthew 6:19-21

“God is not after your money. God is not poor. But is He after your heart? Absolutely….and your money will follow your heart. How you spend money cannot be divorced from your walk with Christ…. It’s all connected.” – John Mark Comer

  • Is there a foundation for Jesus to work with?